Jesse Glade

vice president / cco


Weird Fact
“I enjoy cheesy action movies way too much.”

Brand Development
Web Design
Logo Design
Print Design

Jesse is our Vice President and CCO overseeing our creative direction along with completing day to day design work. That includes everything from designing digital materials such as websites, banner ads, and emails to print materials such as business cards, brochures, and posters. Our work with Jesse began when he interned at JD Gordon Creative Labs his senior year of college, but his story starts long before that...

Growing up in a small (like, 400 people small) Midwest Iowa town, Jesse learned the importance of good work ethic and strong personal values. But while he had a passion for art from the beginning, he had no idea what his career would look like.

Fast forward some years and things become a bit clearer for him. While visiting Morningside College he was introduced to their graphic design professor, John Kolbo. His eyes were quickly opened to what a career as a designer could look like and he was hooked!

That pivotal experience eventually led to him completing his internship with us, staying on as a freelancer, then finally getting hired full time!